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Boko Haram today released a batch of more than 80 of the Chibok School Girls who were abducted in mid-April 2014, according to Saharareporters.

A top military source disclosed that the release of the 80 abducted school girls came after further negotiations between the Islamist group and the Muhammadu Buhari administration. The source said he was not in a position to disclose the terms of the agreement that led to today’s mass release of the Chibok school girls.

Our source revealed that the 82 girls who just regained their freedom are currently in Banki town in Borno state awaiting airlift to an unknown destination.

The source added that once the girls are secured in a new location they would be debriefed, undergo psycological and medical tests and then be reunited with their families.

14-year-old Nakia Venant took her own life this week while streaming the entire incident on Facebook Live. According to the Florida Department of Children & Families, Nakia hung herself in the bathroom of her foster parents’ home. via NYDN: The outlet reported that Venant’s video abruptly ended, but friends of the eighth grader said her suicide played out online.

Parents can prevent their children from this kind of fate by being observant of their wards online activities every time.

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An easy, proven way to succeed is to have a look at those who have a lead on you to see what they are getting right. Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry) and the Nigerian music industry are favourite whipping boys of more intellectually enlightened citizens. In truth, Naija music and videos leave a lot to be desired, BUT it is foolishness to dismiss them as having nothing to teach other sectors. Why?

Think about it: despite the everyday bashing that those two industries get, they are arguably Nigeria’s best export industries till date, if you ignore petroleum. They both thrive despite the horrible limitations of the environment.

So, what can Naija tech learn from Nollywood and Naija music? Here are my thoughts:

Grassroots Is Key

Keep in touch with the grassroots. Nigeria is still largely a grassroots country. Our huge population is only meaningful when you embrace the reality that 80% of that figure are more or less grassroots. Say what you will about Naija music and movies, but those two industries are very much in tune with the grassroots. Naija tech needs to create products that resonate with that segment of the population.

Spare Us The Innovation

Innovation isn’t always the answer. Many times, it is a stumbling block. Sometimes just find what works and replicate it. Replicate it with your signature. China, India, and Korea are all thriving today because they copied. Not a lot of innovation. Tons of copying. Copying is a valid way to grow. Innovation can be added to the mix later. Not many people will describe Nollywood or Nigeria music as innovative, yet they are two thriving industries and they sell massively in other countries.

Media! Media!! Media!!!

Lastly, Naija tech needs to grow, support and utilise vibrant media platforms. I remember how Naija music leveraged on FM radio in its early days. Remember Keke Ogungbe and Dee One and how they wouldn’t stop pushing our local music on air? On the Nollywood front, we can’t thank AfricaMagic enough for pushing Naija music everywhere. Naija tech needs vibrant media. Techpreneurs need to get their works and stories in the hands of the media. And when I say media, I do not mean tech media that only tech people read. That is counterproductive. We have to create tech media that everyone else enjoys reading.

What good would it be if only music industry people know about Tiwa Savage? Aha. Right now, we have many products and solutions in Naija tech that are known only to tech people. Mbanu. That won’t do. What if Naija music media only talk about music notes and scores and all the other technical stuff that only music professionals understand? Would you read them? Naija tech media needs to get out of the rut of talking in octa-core, valuations, round one seeds, and RAM. We are too busy massaging our own egos, masturbating to our own toys and ignoring the public.

All Put Together

The Nigerian tech industry is often too fixated on itself and on trying to be innovative. And the results so far have not been much to sing about. We need mass market products, not just products for the small elite segment of the country that the industry is currently obsessed with.

Tech enthusiasts are often thinking about the next cool thing and feeling funky within their own small tech circles. Naija tech needs to grow out of that stage and go mainstream. Smart business people will look for what the masses want and give it to them. As proven by Naija music and movies, that product doesn’t have to be great for starters. It doesn’t have to be innovative for starters. It does have to be something that the target market can relate to.

Naija music and movies are constantly the butt of jokes and snide remarks over the quality of their products, but note that the music and the movies have gotten better and better. Some of them are now world class quality productions. They hit the road running, copying and using what they had and have gotten better and better. Both industries fly the Nigerian flag high internationally today.

For all the hype and noise that we have witnessed in Naija tech in the last few years, it is not even scratching the surface yet. The industry has a whole lot of work to do. Let’s get it done.

from an article by Yomi ADEGBOYE of

The Presidency has responded to reports that President Buhari plagiarized president Barack Obama’s speech at the launch of “Change Begins With Me” reorientation campaign in Abuja last week

A part of President Buhari’s speech (right) contained largely the same arrangement of words and emotional outburst that President Obama used in his 2008 victory speech (left) after he was elected the first American black president. Reacting to the report, Senior Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Shehu Garba, says the official responsible for the speech will be sanctioned

Below is the statement issued by Shehu Garba Shehu, SSAP Media and Publicity to the President:
The Presidency wishes to respond to a story on alleged plagiarism in a Presidential Speech that has been trending for most of today.
The Presidency observed that the similarities between a paragraph in President Obama’s 2008 Victory Speech and what the President read in paragraph nine of the sixteen-paragraph while inaugurating the “Change begins with me” are too close to be passed as coincidence. There was a mistake by an overzealous administration staff and we regret that this has happened.
A Deputy Director in the Presidency has accepted responsibility for the insertion of the contentious paragraphs even when a query to him was being typed.
This serious oversight will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate punishment meted.
The Presidency, once again regrets this unfortunate incident. Measures have been put in place to ensure that this does not happen again.
President Muhammadu Buhari admonished Nigerians to move past incident and focus on the message of change which the country needs in order to restore our cherished value systems.

Source: Quotes culled from Thisday

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